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Bill discount service

XX commercial bill discount business has the advantages and characteristics of convenient handling process, low handling fee and short loan approval time. It can provide customers with the discount service of bank bills.

Supply chain financial services

XX business provides comprehensive financial solutions for upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain by transferring the accounts payable of the tenderee and the accounts receivable of the tenderer,

Margin factoring services

Focus on the occupation, turnover and financing of bid security, performance security and quality security of bidders at the front of the procurement chain

International trade0

XX commerce can tailor integrated solutions such as "business consulting + bidding + trade + financing + leasing" for customers,

International trade1

XX business makes use of huge domestic and foreign customer resources and rich trade experience

International trade2

XX commerce has a precise grasp of laws and tax relief policies related to goods import and export contracts and technology import and export contracts

International trade3

XX business provides customers with various international and domestic transportation services for goods (including super large goods, self wheeled special vehicles, and special goods with requirements for temperature, humidity and transportation time) and logistics integration businesses such as goods collection, sub packaging, integration and transportation at home and abroad, so as to ensure professional service, * *, and value for money.

International trade4

Commercialization has the ability to undertake the whole chain procurement management of large-scale petrochemical construction projects
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